Each hotel welcomes hundreds of thousands of travellers every year. This in itself approves the high demands that exist in order to manage into the expectations and offer the best possible hosting services.

Clean water in hotels is among those priorities that make the difference for a modern hotel or resort. Many hotels make do with shared public water systems without installing a water filtration system themselves or turn to solutions such as bottled water or bottled water dispensers in every room. However, none of these solutions can simultaneously ensure high quality water and hygiene, economical consumption and positive enivromental impact, such as the installation of the correct water filtration system suitable for hotels or resorts.

In contrast to the above occassions, by installing a water filtration system to remove solid particles, sediments and water hardness in the hotel’s central water supply, the water will flow clean from each tap, offering constant clean water, without dependence on plastics or other methods.

Water filtration systems for hotels

Let’s start with the basics: first of all, water is very important in every hotel and resort. From the laundry and cleaning service up to the food in the hotel restaurant or to every room’s individual bathroom, water is vital for any business that provides hospitality services.

By using a water filtration system in a hotel , according to the specific requirements of each case, it is ensured that, not only the guests will enjoy the best experience in every water use they make, but also the hotel will operate with greater level of sustainability in every aspect regarding water use.

Which are the benefits by installing a water filtration system in a hotel

  • First of all, the best taste in the water. In the restaurant and in every hotel’s faucet, will provide safe, clean, drinking water for visitors.
  • Improved appearance and aesthetics of the bathroom, without the stains of water hardness. Salt deposit and rust will never damage again faucets and shower systems.
  • Improved appearance and feel of clothing. Guests will feel the quality difference if towels and linens that are cleaned with clean, filtered water.
  • Water filtration systems are an investment with immediate and long-term benefits. In addition to all the above, the installation of a reverse osmosis, means longer service life, with the replacement of the filters one to two times per year (depending on the quality and consumption of the water).

What type of filter do I need for my hotel?

Every case has its peculiarities. But that’s why the water experts of Energy Water and Proteas Filter are here! In order to have an excellent result in the water quality of your hotel, the ideal solution is the installation of a water softener or a reverse osmosis.

  1. Water softeners are suitable for areas with high water hardness, mainly in island and coastal areas. A water softener drastically reduces water hardness from potable water thanks to the material it contains, called resin. There is a variety in the capacity of the water softeners, as the more liters of resin they contains, the more lilters of clean water they can produce. The effectiveness of the resin lasts about 3 to 5 years, after which it is good to be changed.
  2. Reverse osmosis systems are also an excellent choice for a hotel, as they are placed in the central water supply and filter all the water in the facility. These systems clean effectively the water from water hardness and solid substances, sediments, mud and also from heavy metals that are very harmful to human health.

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